MATHEMATICAL!!! September 21, 2012 Ok…So everything had been purchased to start construction on my Fionna cosplay from Adventure time. Because I felt that the costume was rather simplistic, I decided to go all the way with it and create all the props as well. Along with the shirt, hat, and skirt, I will be making… Read More


After losing enough weight to feel comfortable wearing a practically skin tight costume…I made a Wonder Woman costume for DragonCon. I didn’t want to be all exposed with the whole traditional granny panties style of costume, nor did I want to take up the time to make the skirt. I was lazy this year as… Read More


Legends of the Hidden Temple – Purple Parrots This costume, never mind it being the easiest one I’ve ever put together, has been the most fun to date! My boyfriend and I dressed as Purple parrot contestants for Orlando’s Mega Convention this past weekend. And, strangely enough, a lot of people LOVED it! So, I… Read More


Prepare yourself for another super awesome Halloween costume creation!! She-Ra! Princess of Power! Above is the reference picture that I am working off of. I will be creating the headpiece, dress, cape, and sword. September 8th, 2011 I have purchased many items for the creation of the costume so far. Beginning first with the bodice… Read More


This year will be my first time going to Dragon Con and my boyfriend’s favorite anime of all time is Ranma 1/2. So, we decided to do a group cosplay of Ranma 1/2 characters with me being Akane, Phil being male-type Ranma, Derek being Ryoga, and Tammy being Ukio. So, technically, this is my first… Read More


For years now I have been dressing up in costume on Halloween as female characters from the 80s. Starting with Rainbow Brite then going to Strawberry Shortcake. And when I decided that Jem had to be next, I decided that the time had come to make the costumes myself. I am, in some ways, a… Read More