A friend let me know about a group of girls that were all interested in doing a Disney Princess steampunk cosplay group at Dragon Con…and Ariel has always been my favorite princess…so, of course, she won out. First thing first, finding pieces to put all together to make up the outfit. As I have never… Read More


I waited very late in the game this year to start planning my DragonCon costumes…working fulltime takes a lot away from everything else. Sometime’s I hate being so busy. Oh well. One of my most favorite anime movies, well, movies in general of all time is Princess Mononoke…I’ve always wanted to make San’s mask and… Read More


My boyfriend has always been a big fan of Star Trek…and I decided that this Star Wars girl would do a cosplay for his sake. I went with the red dress uniform, I bought it quick and easy from Amazon due to not having time to make it myself like I usually do.… Read More

As an avid Pinterest user, I have seen MANY tutorials about applying photos to canvas. So, I decided to give it a try with a series of 4 photos of my boyfriend and I from our trip to Wisconsin for Christmas. These pictures are from probably one of the best days of my life and… Read More

Mike and I have visited two different beaches since we have been together. I wanted a way to keep up with the memories. This is a white 8×10 shadow box…with a photo print from our visit in the background. The front is sand collected from Panama City Beach…including a couple shells. I wrote the beach… Read More

Gift for the boyfriend. A heart of almost every city we went to since we’ve known each other in 2012. I cut the hearts out of regular photo paper with a heart hole puncher and glued it to a pretty piece of scrap booking paper. I wish they made the hole punchers in shapes bigger,… Read More

One of my good friends is having a baby, due in March. Today was her baby shower. I decided a few days ago that I didn’t want to just buy her anything that anyone else could, so I ended up making this piece for her to match her forest themed nursery. Its a gallery canvas… Read More

Over the past year or more I have been a major fan of craft beers and micro-brews. After a night at a friends house I decided to start saving my bottle caps…To what purpose? I really didn’t know. When the new year came around I started thinking I would try to incorporate them into some… Read More