Over the past year or more I have been a major fan of craft beers and micro-brews. After a night at a friends house I decided to start saving my bottle caps…To what purpose? I really didn’t know. When the new year came around I started thinking I would try to incorporate them into some kind of art piece. I went to Joanne’s and bought a shadow box for 40% off and just painted the back of the frame in a pink acrylic that I already had.

A problem that I ran into after trying to hot glue them to the paper was that they were so deep and it required a lot of glue to fill them AND for them to stick to the paper. So, after talking with my boyfriend, we decided to cut slices out of some of the Styrofoam wine corks. Glue the cork into the cap then glue it to the paper. Worked like magic!

Hanging in the kitchen!! Love it!!

Hot glue is not very friendly to the backs of bottle caps…A few of mine fell off over the next few days after hanging. I decided to fix this with tacky glue and so far, no issues!

Inspiration: Button Badge Heart Canvas

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