Prepare yourself for another super awesome Halloween costume creation!! She-Ra! Princess of Power!

Above is the reference picture that I am working off of. I will be creating the headpiece, dress, cape, and sword.

September 8th, 2011

I have purchased many items for the creation of the costume so far. Beginning first with the bodice piece, which I didn’t want to create myself, so I ordered a bridal corset from eBay. It’s flat white so you don’t have the normal boning lines on it like on most corsets, which I figured would offset the costume too much.

Yesterday, I began working on the pattern for the headpiece…Im excited, i think that things are coming together really well for it.

I cut the pattern out of cardstock and will be making out of foam after that. Progress will be shown throughout. This is probably the most exciting part of creating the costume…minus the sword at the end lol. I am using this website as my reference, they included a template for an arm piece that seems to be shaped a lot like she-ra’s headpiece. Templates and instructions are always helpful!

October 19, 2011

Ok…the Halloween party is just around the corner, and I haven’t been updated half as much as I should on my costume construction. A few things have changed…The corset shown above, it has been replaced with an actual corset that laces up in the back and doesn’t…um, accentuate my upper body as much. The new corset has boning and its kinda shiny white material with metal hooks in the front for closure.
The most important thing tho, is that I have finished my headpiece, Final showing of it will be from me wearing it on Saturday, but I can show you the progress pictures that I should have been posting up until now.

Ok, I used craft foam, formed it with heat by holding it over my electric stove burner after gluing the pattern pieces together with Foamie glue (that stuff is SOOOOOO sticky), then coated it with about 2 layers of glue on each side for stability, and finished by painting it with acrylic 14K Gold paint from Joann’s. The final pieces were assembled to the forehead piece, jewel added, then I used elastic cord to have it stay on my head. Can’t wait to show you guys. Warning tho: It was REALLY hard to have it stay symmetrical, so, be ready to just DEAL WITH IT! (Like I’m trying to).

Next, it is crazy difficult to make a skirt without a pattern. And, on top of that, making the pointed belt was a huge hassle, in case you didn’t know, fabric doesn’t really like being pointed…without a LOT of interfacing. So, I pretty much did what I could, time running out and all. Will show after I finish the hem either today or tomorrow.

The cape is finished! I double sided it to keep myself from having to do such a long crazy hem. The main mistake I keep seeing with people who make She-RA cos-plays is that they attach the cape to the bodice…and that is NOT ACCURATE…if anything, it is attached to her choker or whatever you wanna call it, so that’s what I did. It’s really cool and stays away from falling all into the middle which is what I was worried about with it not being able to drape over the shoulders to hold it out.

And last…the sword is a work in progress. My boyfriend’s brother has helped me out so far, we used to pieces of hard pink foam (like the kind at Lowes or Home Depot) and sketched out the outline of it then cut them out with a dremel and a box cutter and adhered the two pieces toegther with gorilla glue and put bricks on it to set over night. Now we are in the process of sanding it down to make the final shape before spraying it with Primer then Silver spray paint.

February 7th, 2012

I know this is a late update, but I work retail and my life is crazy as soon as Halloween is over and entering into the holiday season. Here are two pictures of the finished product!

Final Thoughts

I want to make a new corset for the top without front latches and have the skirt attached to it. The sword was made by a friend of mine and it was AWESOME! The headpiece worked out great, expect I would like to reinforce it if I were to ever wear it again, I had to keep checking to make sure the two wings were even. All in all, the costume was a hit.

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